Transforming health and social care
Managerial innovation
Around the world, health and social care systems are changing. Managerial innovation allows leaders to harness the change and to successfully transform practices and organizations. Join this eJourney in 3 episodes across 3 implementations of managerial innovation.
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Health and social care systems are human enterprises. Nothing can be achieved without the dedication of doctors, nurses, and the hundreds of professions who concur to care for patients. Therefore, managerial innovation is a powerful lever to transform practices and organizations.

Several methods have been developed by the professional sector that can be adjusted to the specific challenges of health and social care. The most innovative players in the field are boldly investing in these methods to empower their professionals and fulfill their missions for the patients.

In this eJourney, you will explore how key players in the USA are using design thinking methods to rethink organizations with patients and professionals. You will discover the disruptive approach of Buurtzorg, a nederlandese company that adapted the principles of free enterprise to home care. Finally, you will learn how to accompany your teams in order to achieve successful transformation according to the Canadian health and social care model.

Participants may choose to benefit from additional training material to further discover new tools and approach for successful managerial innovation. The most committed can share questions and insights in an exclusive live discussion with the leading executives featured as instructors.
Discover methods of managerial innovation and tools that have proven their efficiency in the health and social care sector.
Explore 3 ways of transforming your organization and the practice of your teams.
Meet and discuss with celebrated leaders and innovators in managerial innovation.
Take a step back from your daily practice and be inspired and energized.
The Instructors
The pioneers managers of the Dementia Village movement
Eloy van Hal
Co-Founder of De Hogeweyk
Eloy van Hal is one of the founders of the world's first Dementia Village De Hogeweyk, as well as senior managing advisor in the Be The Hogeweyk Care Concept Advisory team of the Vivium Care group.

Eloy has over 20 years' experience in managing care and more than 10 years in providing strategic and operational advisory services to clients in the public and private sectors.
Marco Fumagalli
Director of Il Paese Ritrovatto
Marco Fumagalli directs the Italian Dementia Village of Il Paese Ritrovatto. He is the head manager of the La Meridiana Cooperative, that offers support to the older population for more than 40 years.

He provides consultancy in Geriatrics specialized in Pharmacology for Dementia, as well as offers classes in Social Work Methodology.
Francis Lacoste
Initiator of Le Village Landais
Directing the Solidarity Department of the French state of the Landes, Francis Lacoste initiated the first Dementia Village in the country, Le Village Landais.

Francis Lacoste is a renowned public manager working across public and private silos in favor of innovative projects for the aging population.
The Episodes

De Hogeweyk: The Inaugural Dementia Village
with Dr. Eloy van Hal, founder of De Hogeweyk
Around the world, entire villages are being raised catering specifically to persons living with dementia. These assisted living "cities within a city" are a radical alternative to the traditional dementia wards of nursing homes.

Join Dr. Eloy van Hal, founder of De Hogeweyk, the world's first Dementia Village, for a journey through this 20-year-old care experiment at the Amsterdam Region.

Learn the underlying principles of implementation and operation of this promissing model normalizing the life with severe dementia.


From inspiration to implementation
with Dr. Marco Fumagalli, founder of Il Paese Ritrovato
In 2018, Il Paese Ritrovato open its doors in Monza, city near to Milan, after only 1 year and 2 months of construction.

Inspired by the successful Dutch Village of Hogeweyk, this italian
complex accounts for 14,000 square meters, a third of which of built space. It is currently the home of 64 older adults, supported by a staff of 55 professionals (physicians, nurses, sociocultural officers, and others).

It is the first italian village fully dedicated to persons suffering of dementias.

Engaging Partnerships for the Village
with Dr. Francis Lacoste, initiator of Le Village Landaia
At the city of Dax, Southwest of France, the delegates will discover all the details from the country's first experience of the village model in the care of dementias.

The Village Landais Alzheimer is the fruit of a public project, launched by the Council of the Landais Region under the inspiration of the Hogeweyk experience.

The complex is able to receive 120 residents, 10 of which under the age of 60 years. The staff counts for 120 professional and other 120 volunteers.

The choice of Dax as the host city of the project was motivated by the engagement of the city at creating interactions opportunities between its citzens and the residents of the Village.
Your eJourney Training Medias
  • Learn why dementia villages have grown to be a world-renowned success.
  • Count with the best instructors in the world: the founders and managers of the model.
  • Dive deep into the challenges and opportunities of the model both in the perspective of their managers, staff workers, users, and of their surrounding community.
  • Get practical orientations on how to implement the principles of dementia villages on your organization.
  • Further understand how Dementia Villages enroll in their nation's health and welfare systems, practices and value.
  • Meet your celebrated instructors! Share questions and insights directly with whom may best elevate your professional skills.
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